Abusive Studios

Gate of Time Live Wallpaper

This Live Wallpaper for devices running Android 2.1 or later is based on the Gate of Time seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I thought it looked like a cool effect that would make a good live wallpaper for my phone and after hacking at it a bit, thought that it looked good enough that other people might also enjoy it for their phones.

You can find it at Google Play A.K.A. the artist formerly known as the Android Marketplace)

It has developed quite a bit since I first posted it to the marketplace. Initially, there was no cover, the textures pretty much all sucked, there were no configuration options, the gears didn't like up correctly, there were *no* upper left/right gears, no camera movement, no lighting... It was pretty much just a demonstration of the effect. Now? Well, I guess just look at it and hopefully it's more impressive than the initial release.

If you'd like to test a cutting-edge release, you can enable sideloading on your device and download this file. If you find any bugs with this version, PLEASE let me know so I can get them resolved before I release to the Android Market ... err, Google Play.